At Mélange, we believe that fashion is a unique vehicle for understanding diversity. Our mission is to support emerging international and local designers, models, brands, and fashion professionals by hosting premier fashion events that blend fashion, theater, music, and dance.


Through our shows, we aim to inform and empower our community members to participate in the changing perception of health and beauty by embracing models of all ethnicities, sizes and backgrounds. We believe this is the future of the fashion industry and recognize that a diverse image of fashion is becoming increasingly relevant for modern society. We also support up and coming designers from around the world, such as Croatia, Mexico and South Africa, because we believe that international designers hold the potential to be the next generation of leaders in the fashion world.

Guila was awarded the French Ministry of Culture in January of 2006. She has an extensive career in theatrical and fashion show production. She is currently working with Jean Paul Gaultier as a director for his new 2011 collection. Guila formally began her career in fashion after completing the Luxury Marketing MBA program within the division of Louis Vuitton Moet Hennessy. After working on Christian Dior marketing projects with E. Roux, she also worked for an independent stylist Malay Phcar as a marketing adviser. Recently, Guila produced a French play for United Nations Ambassador, Moussa Camara, and the play featured at Harvard University and at the Avignon Theatre Festival in 2009.

Bill Guttentag is a producer, writer, and director of documentaries. He won an Oscar for Best Documentary for You Don’t Have to Die, a film about a boy’s struggle with cancer, and Twin Towers. His documentary, Nanking, was the highest grossing account about Chinese history and won the George Foster Peabody award. In 2007, he directed Live!, featuring Eva Mendez. He also created and produced the NBC series Crime & Punishment, which ran for four years. Bill is currently an author and professor at the Stanford Graduate School of Business. Bill helps with entertainment aspects of the show, such as celebrity outreach and involvement.

Barry Libert is Chairman of Mzinga, a collaboration platform that helps businesses manage communication across the company, with clients, and customers. Mzinga has served clients such as FOX TV, Hallmark, and more. He has written and co-authored books such as We Are Smarter Than Me and Social Nation: How to Harness the Power of Social Media to Attract Customers, Motivate Employees, and Grow Your Business. He has more than 25 years of experience starting and managing companies and is a proponent for Web 2.0 and social technologies in the enterprise world. Barry helps with Mélange’s strategies for social media and online brand presence to promote exposure for Mélange partners, sponsors, designers, and more.

Katiti Kironde was the first black woman to be on the cover of a fashion magazine (Glamour Magazine). The issue broke sales records when it was published in 1961 and featured three outfits that Katiti had designed and made herself. Katiti has over twenty years of experience in the fashion industry, and recently taught Harvard University’s pioneering seminar on the history of fashion in spring of 2010. Katiti also organized an exclusive fashion panel for Harvard Business School with special guest, Cindi Leive (The Editor in Chief of Glamour Magazine). Currently, Katiti is an owner and creative director for her own company, which features her signature high-end white shirts and blouses. Katiti has been a valuable asset to Mélange by providing introductions for strategic partnerships and fashion coaching.

Jay Calderin founded Fashion Week Boston in 1995 and continues to serve as the program’s executive director. He is an accomplished designer and photographer, and his work has been featured in numerous publications including Vogue, Elle, The Boston Globe, and Platinum Magazine. Jay also provides leadership to the fashion community through his work as an instructor and as the Director of Creative Marketing for the School of Fashion Design. Calderin wrote the book, Form, Fit, and Fashion, which garnered positive press from the Los Angeles Times, which deemed the text a “fashion bible.”

Mélange 2011

Designers: Nicole Miller, Igor Galas (Designer from Croatia, as featured in Vogue), Carmen Chen Wu (featured in America’s next top model), and more.

Sponsors: Sephora, Gordon Biersch,, and more.

Celebrity Guests: Davey Havok, lead singer of AFI; Bill Guttentag, Oscar-winning movie director; and

Performance by Bhangra Empire, as featured in Harper’s Bazaar and America’s Got Talent.


Mélange 2012

Designers: Versace Collection (Bossini Boutique), Marzio Fiorini (designer from Brazil), Varignia Garcia (Peruvian celebrity designer), and more.

Sponsors: Sephora, Phyto, Donald J Pliner, Porsche of Stevens Creek, and more.

Celebrity Guests: Tyson Beckford (at Mélange Models & Bottles event); Bill Guttentag, Oscar-winning movie director; Larry Baptiste (Musical Director for the Grammys); Lawrence Beaman, singer from America’s Got Talent; and Nick Pitera, YouTube Celebrity


Mélange 2013

Designers: Jean Paul Gaultier, Punk Kouture (designed for Nicki Minaj & Mick Jagger), Glynneth B Jewelry (designed for Britney Spears, Usher, and more), Topher Adam, and more.

Sponsors: Sephora, Tea of a Kind, 7x7 Magazine, Couture Press and more. Couture Press recruited and managed fashion celebrity designer accounts, including Punk Kouture & Glynneth B Jewelry.

Celebrity Guests: Ari from MTV’s The Real World (a clip from Mélange was shown on MTV’s The Real World in 2013), Guila Clara Kessous (UNESCO Artist for Peace), Aurelia Khazan (Recipient of Cannes Film Festival Best Emerging Actress), and more.

Cristina Ribeiro

Artistic Director and Executive Producer

Cristina is a diplomat of modeling and a dance coach who is focused on teaching life skills through fashion shows, dance performances, and other arts events. An expert in the entertainment business, drama, commercial modeling, production, film, television, and education, Cristina’s passionate spirit and professional dedication is contagious, and she makes every production a great success.

Cristina has worked with many celebrities including Mick Jagger, Nelson Mandela, Nicole Kidman, Peter Tosh, Jimmy Cliff, Clive Owen, Arnold Schwarzenegger (2013 Arnold Classic), Henry Kissinger, and Nelson Mandela. She has experience with Broadway musicals, and she was featured in Vogue Magazine (Brazil) and Elle Magazine (Brazil). She was also artistic director and executive producer of the Christmas Rhythm and Bossa music CD, working with five-time Grammy award winner, Phil Woods.

She has had commercial modeling contracts with many large corporations including Ford, Johnson & Johnson, McDonalds, Coca-Cola, Pepsi and Dove. Cristina has received five awards as the best Afro-Brazilian dancer, Rio Brazil, Holding the title from 1976 till 1994, and the Model of the Year by area (Brazil) in 1987, Best Kids Productions in 2010, the Mentor of the Year by Mélange Productions in 2011, and Best Kids Show Producer from the San Jose city council in 2012. She was nominated for the Best Artistic Director in San Francisco in 2013.

Cristina has toured Europe and south America, where she diversified her passion for arts and fashion. Her broad experience, expertise, creativity and extraordinary organizational skills make her the perfect addition to Mélange productions.