Mélange 2013

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Photographs Above from Herm Pugay from the 2013 production.

Guests from France, Peru, Brazil, NYC and LA traveled to attend Mélange 2013 in support of the show’s mission of celebrating diversity and self-love in the fashion world. All guests were welcomed by an awards ceremony by the executive producer team and UNESCO Artist for Peace, Guila Clara Kessous. The audience was a diverse demographic, including Bay Area community leaders, young technology professionals, and avid fashion enthusiasts. Local and national press attended the event, as well as a camera crew filming for MTV’s hit show, The Real World.

Featured Designers:

Atussa Couture
Charmosa Swimwear
Chona Pike
Eric Tibusch
Glynneth B Jewelry
Jean Paul Gaultier
Jennita Itthi-Angkul (Student Designer Award)
Le Tanneur (Handbags by Guila Clara Kessous)
Marise Oliveira
Punk Kouture
Rosimeire Osorio (Isabella Boutique)
Topher Adam (Bay Area Designer Award)
Ujena Wear
Varignia Garcia (Fashion Ambassador Award)



Check out the 2013 promotional video here:





Mélange 2013 also featured the stunning new LE TANNEUR handbag by Guila Clara Kessous. Guila has been a Board Member of Mélange for three years, and it was an honor to have her attend and showcase this beautiful design at Mélange 2013.


To celebrate its 115 year anniversary, LE TANNEUR has given carte blanche to Guila Clara Kessous, UNESCO Artist for Peace, to reinterpret the brand’s iconic product, the “Sans-Couture” (seamless) purse, for winter 2013-14. The artist, passionate about fashion and theatre, has drawn inspiration from the brand’s DNA. “The original poster brought the product’s sturdiness to the fore, showing a circus trainer trying to remove the “Sans-Couture” from the mouth of a lion. This inspired me to create a play on materials between the softness of the feline’s mane and the braids on the tamer’s uniform…

One way for “happiness” to “grab you by the throat”, a little like in Géo Norge’s poem on the circus” says Guila Clara. This idea is used to adapt the original purse, along with a new model, retaining the seamless quality. These are produced in the Belley workshops from black full-grained nappa leather and a soft calfskin pelt, remaining faithful to the inspiration of the designer.

Appointed Harvard University’s Eleganza Fashion Ambassador for her work on fashion and ethics in 2009, Guila Clara Kessous emphasises LE TANNEUR’s humanitarian actions. “Knowing that funds will be donated to the AMFA with the aim of creating clinics to care for children was a determining factor at the heart of this collaboration. For me, aesthetics must go hand in hand with ethics…”. LE TANNEUR will donate 10% of sales revenue from this collaboration to the Franco-Asian medical association, in parallel with its long-term commitment to this organisation since 2010.


Here is an exclusive video with more information about the design and creation of this divine handbag: